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Learning through Growth

Realigning the Vulcan Forged Structure

In the first quarter of 2021, just prior to the release of our primary token, PYR, Vulcan Forged released its first whitepaper focused on the PYR economy. Since this time and with subsequent growth including the introduction of a secondary ‘gaming token’, LAVA, the design and production of the Elysium blockchain, refining of games and the realization of the MetaScapes ‘Metaverse as a Service’ platform, this original whitepaper rapidly became outdated, no longer representative of Vulcan Forged’s economy or structure.
As of quarter one 2023, Vulcan Forged has restructured. Vulcan Forged itself is the overarching company, with the Elysium blockchain, Vulcan Studios and MetaScapes three individual branches within the Vulcan Forged blockchain ecosystem.
  • Vulcan Studios is responsible for the development of its own gaming ecosystem; prior to the advent of the Elysium blockchain and MetaScapes, this was directly the role of Vulcan Forged.
  • This revised structure offers several benefits over the old, where Vulcan Forged was solely responsible for the gaming ecosystem. It provides a clear separation of responsibilities between the different branches, ensuring greater accountability for their respective areas.
  • Elysium is responsible for the underlying blockchain technology powering the ecosystem, ensuring that it is tailored specifically to the needs of the gaming industry.
  • MetaScapes is responsible for growing the metaverse and enabling users to monetize their creativity.
Vulcan Studios is free to focus solely on developing high-quality games for the ecosystem, with no concerns about the underlying blockchain technology and, any challenges previously faced through the use of external blockchains can be easily resolved through immediate contact with the Elysium blockchain team. This clear separation of responsibilities ensures that each branch can operate efficiently and effectively towards its specific goals, without any conflict of interest. Furthermore, the introduction of Elysium Blockchain and MetaScapes opens up new revenue streams for Vulcan Forged, allowing it to diversify its offerings and tap into new markets. Vulcan Forged’s new structure provides a more sustainable and scalable model for growth and success in the long term.