Cronus Node

The Cronus node is a physical node. Should someone become a Cronus Node holder they willl need to rent a server and deploy software in order to be able to operate this node. The Elysium blockchain team will supply software images for the server to be set up correctly, and some technical knowledge will be required, although an external consultant could be used to cover this. We emphasize that all Cronus Node holders should make every effort to ensure that their server is green – that is that it should be a carbon neutral operation in-line with Elysium’s ethos and green credentials.

We have several Cronus node holders at present and are currently analyzing new applications. Not everyone will be able to own a Cronus Node. Only validated entities can run one. These entities should actively try and contribute to the future of Elysium.

We consider entities to be eligible if the following requirements are met:

  • Technical understanding of how to set a node

  • Minimal technical requirements as follow: VPS with minimum 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, 8 CPU Cores

  • Node hardware should be hosted using a 100% carbon neutral solution

  • The owner must stake at least 50,000 $PYR in the node’s address. This 50,000 $PYR will not breach a potential Philosopher membership.

  • If the owner moves or spends $PYR, causing the total amount to drop below the threshold of 50,000 $PYR, the owner will be disqualified and replaced by another candidate on the waiting list.

Downtime will result in fewer rewards. The Elysium blockchain team monitors nodes closely.

We are considering applicants from these groups:

  • Partner projects using the Elysium blockchain;

  • Game developers/companies creating games on the Elysium blockchain;

  • Significant community contribution;

  • Vulcan Forged Philosophers (limited slots available);

  • VCs with long term commitment adding value for Elysium;

There are a maximum of 51 Cronus nodes. Cronus Node rewards are covered in the section Revenue Streams & Rewards.

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