Elysium Forges

There are six Elysium Forge tiers. Tier 1 starts at 2,000 locked PYR, while tier 6 is based on 64,000 PYR locked. Elysium Forges can be locked for a certain period to increase the rewards. Elysium Forges will be able to be converted to delegate the staked PYR to one of the authority nodes. (TBA)

  • Cyclops tier 1 forge: 2,000 $PYR

  • Sphinx tier 2 forge: 4,000 $PYR

  • Cerberus tier 3 forge: 8,000 $PYR

  • Gorgon tier 4 forge: 16,000 $PYR

  • Hydra tier 5 forge: 32,000 $PYR

  • Kraken tier 6 forge: 64,000 $PYR

All Elysium Forges will receive part of the sowing costs, the LAVA gas fees on Elysium, and the royalty fees. Elysium Forges can participate in the God Pool and NFT Pool.

Elysium Forge rewards are covered in the section Revenue Streams & Rewards.

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