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Vulcan Forged—Problem Solvers

Elysium Blockchain, Vulcan Studios, and MetaScapes

Vulcan Forged has been established to address the current issues faced by the gaming industry in relation to blockchain implementation. Despite the increasing interest in blockchain-based gaming and the metaverse, those same repeated issues hamper the growth of this sector; high gas fees, slow transaction times, scalability, and a lack of user-friendly interfaces for development.(1)
To solve these problems, Vulcan Forged has developed a comprehensive ecosystem that includes its own layer 1 blockchain built for gaming and the metaverse (Elysium), a blockchain game studio (Vulcan Studios) and a metaverse builder (MetaScapes). The use of its own blockchain will allow for faster transactions, lower gas fees, and better scalability than traditional blockchains. The Elysium blockchain, in particular, is purpose-built to meet the specific needs of the gaming industry, and will feature low gas fees, high throughput, and carbon neutrality - with advanced functionality and features for decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. It offers uniquely tailored protocols that are optimized for gaming-related transactions, making them faster, cheaper, and more efficient. Elysium also features dynamic NFTs that can change their characteristics or behaviors based on the gameplay or other in-game events, adding an important level of interactivity and engagement for players. As Elysium blockchain is an EVM compatible chain, it welcomes projects wanting to use their own custom ERC721s that they have already written - these can deployed on Elysium and the marketplace can support it. It is designed to be highly scalable, secure, and efficient, providing a robust infrastructure for $PYR and other digital assets. Elysium employs innovative consensus mechanisms, such as Proof of Authority (PoA), to achieve fast transaction times and lower transaction fees, ensuring a seamless user experience.
Further to this, Vulcan Forged has built Elysium launchpad for innovative and promising web3 projects, which provides them with access to funding, marketing, and other resources to help them launch their projects on the blockchain. Elysium also provides an SDK (software development kit) that allows developers to easily integrate their projects with the blockchain and take advantage of its unique features, such as decentralized asset ownership, player-driven economies, and more. Vulcan Forged is very conscious of the environmental impact of blockchain use. As a result, Elysium is designed to be carbon neutral, offsetting its carbon footprint by implementing eco-friendly measures such as sponsoring the plantation of trees.
In addition to the Elysium blockchain, Vulcan Studios is currently developing several blockchain games, including VulcanVerse, a blockchain MMORPG with NFT land and character ownership, Berserk, a blockchain-based strategic CCG, and Vulcan's Tower Defense, a mobile tower defense game set in the VulcanVerse universe. These games have been designed to showcase the potential of blockchain gaming and the metaverse, and to provide a strong foundation for future growth in the sector. As of Quarter 3 of 2023, the following titles are representing key opportunities for growth:
  • VulcanVerse (PC)
  • Berserk (PC and Mobile)
  • Vulcan’s Creed (Mobile)
  • Vulcan’s Tower Defense (PC and Mobile)
  • Vulcan Runner (PC and Mobile)
  • Tartarus (PC and Meta Quest)
Vulcan Studios are presently, as of August 2023, working on a virtual reality version of Tartarus for use with the Meta Quest series of headsets.
Vulcan Forged is also building MetaScapes, a metaverse builder designed to make it easy for anyone to build their own virtual world. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, MetaScapes will allow anyone to create their own metaverse without the need for extensive technical knowledge or programming skills. The Vulcan Forged teams are actively working to build artificial intelligence models into MetaScapes, potentially allowing users to describe what they want to build through text prompts, the system doing the work to recognize what is being described and build this for the player. Augmented and virtual reality headsets provide a further dimension to the possibilities that MetaScapes offers. In future, MetaScapes builders will be able to shape and terramorph their land through hand gestures.
In summary, with Elysium, the layer-1 blockchain built for AI, metaverse, game and NFT projects, Vulcan Studios, our comprehensive ecosystem of blockchain games, and MetaScapes, an upcoming innovative metaverse project Vulcan Forged is uniquely positioned to address the current issues facing the industry. With its commitment to low gas fees, fast transaction times, and user-friendly interfaces, Vulcan Forged has positioned itself to lead the way in the development and evolution of blockchain-based gaming and the metaverse.