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Revising our Economy

As previously covered, when Vulcan Forged devised the PYR economy between late 2020, the Elysium Blockchain, MetaScapes and all games and concepts other than VulcanVerse, Berserk, BlockBabies and early versions of Forge Arena and Battle Chess were. The alpha version of VulcanVerse was in its most basic form, launched for a select few NFT landowners on December 31st 2020 and at this time, PYR token economics were only at the discussion stage.
By February 2021, the original PYR whitepaper was released, which detailed the gaming ecosystem as it was, the transition from VeChain (VET) to PYR (ERC-20 ported to MATIC | Polygon), PYR reward pools, marketplace fees and off-chain LAVA crystals (the forerunner to today's on-chain LAVA gaming token). Dynamic God NFTs were also covered along with VulcanVerse land plot staking and ILO financials and the token generation event.
With the many changes seen since the issue of the original PYR whitepaper, the Vulcan Forged economy required a revision for purposes of economic balance and increased user levels, something that the team have worked on since quarter two 2022. This economic revision focuses on long-term sustainability and a thriving, scalable circular economy.

Economic Revision - Points of Note

Forthcoming changes that will be noticeable to existing Vulcan Forged My Forge account owners (My Forge is the name given to a player’s Vulcan Forged account) are listed briefly below and covered in more detail in section ____.
  • Landstaking XP changes
  • Upgrading Vulcanites with LAVA
  • Traditional gamer friendly fiat gateway